To every human being who has a bit of sensitivity and understanding.


The Iranian government is recognized as a terrorist government. The Iranian government both internationally and in Iran has been committing atrocity, crime against humanity, etc. in Iran and abroad. Among such actions one could see destruction of ethnic cultures, languages, even historical buildings and monuments especially in Azerbaijani-Turkic provinces.


One of the most despicable and ugliest actions recently has been taken by the Iranian government controlled newspaper. This newspaper has compared Azeri-Turkic people to bugs and insects. It has mentioned that the Azeri-Turkic people are irrational people who only understand use of force. It has also rudely indicated in this article that Azeri-Turkic language is unclear and lacks logical progression.


This new event shows that ignorant and narrow-minded Farsi-Chauvinistic people exist among Iranian government. This is a danger to Azeri-Turkic language, culture, traditions and people.


The Azeri-Turkic language according to the linguists and scientific evidence is undoubtedly stronger, more logical and powerful than Farsi language. The Farsi language, which over 70% of it contains Arabic vocabularies, can even be easily considered as a dialect of Arabic language. The Azeri-Turkic language is classified within the first 5 more logic languages of the world among the academia.


I wonder that how much some people can be ignorant and narrow minded by not to being able to see the beauty and logic of the Azeri-Turkic language?!?


The Azeri-Turkic people are one of the largest nations in Iran. They form around 40% Iranian population. The members of Azeri-Turkic community form the most brilliant economic, cultural and industrial minds in Iran in every sense. Insulting these people and their language cannot be forgotten and forgiven.


It is our human duty to react and confront those whom insult ones culture, language, traditions, etc. Those who insult and bully the others will never stop until we confront them.


We ask all the Azeri-Turkic speaking people to rise and protest in order to protect their culture, language and dignity. Our silence when we are insulted can be our own worst enemy. All Azeri-Turkic people must speak up anywhere in the world especially in Iran's Azeri-Turkic regions. The only way to face this despicable and ugly action is: to proudly speak our own mother tongue everywhere and not to respond to anyone in Farsi in Iran.


The current Iranian government and administration offices shall be obliged to answer in Azeri-Turkic. Today our best weapon is to speak our own language more than ever.


So, we invite every Azeri-Turkic person to speak only Azeri-Turkic everywhere in Iran. That is the only way that we can protect our language, culture and traditions. It is our duty to stand up to Farsi-Chauvinistic people in Iran.


Every Azerbaijani should stand up and react today, because tomorrow will be too late. For this reason we are recommending that all Azerbaijanis in any city around the world and Iran to get together and on this day demonstrate their presence against such a despicable actions taken by Farsi-Chauvinistic government controlled newspaper in Iran.


We will communicate the certain date after consulting with Azeri-Turkic language lovers groups and organizations when everyone around the world on this day can come out and participate in such a manifestation as soon as possible.


Best regards



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